Dear Gina, I was walking near my house
yesterday with Dahlia, my Border Collie. We were on a dirt path and she was on a long

lead. Ahead I saw her stop, arch sideways, and take a wide berth around a spot in the trail. When I got there I saw a gopher hole...No snake but I feel certain she was remembering her training.Thought you’d like to know. I was pleased to see her reaction. SEE MORE>>>

We can also accommodate private Rattlesnake Avoidance Training at your home, ranch, or favorite trailhead.
Please call for a custom quote and to set up dates.

about our TEAM

Gina Gables, owner of Ma & Paw Kennel since 1991, has been training dogs professionally for over 30 years.   She specializes in training pet dogs and their people.  She works primarily on obedience training and problem behavior modification, problems such as pulling on the leash or jumping on people to more extreme problems such as aggression, shyness and separation anxiety.

Gina personally trains every dog so that when they encounter a rattlesnake they recognize it by using their sense of smell, hearing and sight and avoid it.

Smell Identification

When hiking with your dog, you may not be able to see or hear the snake. However, your dog can smell snakes! With the right training, he could save his and your life!

Sound Identification

Your dog is then introduced to the  SOUND of a rattlesnake,​ again aversive stimuli will be applied when the dog shows interest.

sight identification

We first introduce your dog to a snake they may SEE,​ when the dog shows interest a small amount of aversive stimuli is applied.

What to Expect

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