In this step we will test the effectiveness of the training process. In a large open area the dog will be brought by the handler to a location opposite of the owner with a rattlesnake on the ground in between. The owner will then be asked to call their dog and the dog should arc his or her path to avoid the snake as he or she returns to the owner.

There will be multiple locations on our training course for each of the phases mentioned above as well as other items designed to give your dog the BEST opportunity to learn to recognize and avoid rattlesnakes.   

We hope that by taking part in this training the dog as well as the owner will be spared the pain and distress (as well as the expense) caused by the dog becoming a victim of rattlesnake bite. If the owner is observant of the dog's avoidance behavior it can possibly prevent them from being bitten as well. 



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By Ma & Paw Kennel

Canine Training Services

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  • We provide what many customers tell us they feel is the most HUMANE, COMPREHENSIVE and EFFECTIVE rattlesnake avoidance training for dogs they have experienced.

  • This training is based on the principal of one trial learning which states that if a stimuli is strong enough it will create a lasting impression on the animal and create a permanent change in behavior.

  • A handler accompanied by the owner will walk the dog to various staging areas.  Dogs will have multiple exposures to the Sight, Scent and Sound of rattlesnakes at each of the 6 to 9 staging areas.

  • Each dog will receive individual training and any dogs that live or hang out together will be tested as a group at the end to help rule out the ‘pack mentality’ taking over in a real life encounter. 

  • The training takes place in a controlled environment using a remote training collar (either vibrate, spray or static shock) adjusted specifically to each dogs’ temperament, personality and physical response characteristics.

  • We encourage owners to bring their dog's favorite toy or treat especially if they are 'obsessive' about it. We can use this object to test their dog's training & teach them to NOT go near the object if it is close to a rattlesnake.​

  • We also offer refreshers for dogs who have been trained by me previously, these lessons are available which are simply a brief test to make sure the dog remembered the lesson from the first time. I recommend dogs be trained and then undergo the follow up lesson each successive year since the original training.

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