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We provide what many customers tell us they feel is the most HUMANE, COMPREHENSIVE and EFFECTIVE rattlesnake avoidance training for dogs they have experienced.

In California, our mild climate provides the perfect environment for Rattlesnakes to remain active year-round. Protect your dog with Rattlesnake Avoidance training. Dogs will learn to recognize the sight, smell, and sound of hiding rattlers- a skillset that could save his, and your, life. With clinics happening all over Central and Southern California, any dog can learn! Click here for upcoming dates near you!


 "I was walking near my house yesterday with Dahlia, my Border Collie. We were on a dirt path and she was on a long lead. Ahead I saw her stop, arch sideways..." Read More

Group Classes

Serving the following counties: Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Fresno, Ventura, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Kern, Orange, and San Diego. 

Private Lessons

 We can accommodate private lessons at your home, ranch, or favorite trail head! Click here for a custom quote and to schedule your appointment!


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Dogs encounter snakes during play or work in the snake’s natural habitat. Most bites to dogs occur on the face or extremities. These bites can be very expensive to treat if the dog survives.  The rattlesnake bite is generally “hemotoxic” which means that it exerts its toxin by disrupting the integrity of the blood vessels. The swelling is often dramatic with up to 1/3 of the total blood circulation being lost into the tissues in a matter of hours. The toxin further disrupts normal blood clotting mechanisms leading to uncontrolled bleeding. This kind of blood loss induces shock and finally death. Facial bites are often more lethal as the swelling may occlude the throat or impair ability to breathe.  An exception would be the Mojave rattlesnake whose venom is “neurotoxic.” The bite of this snake causes rapid paralysis. This includes paralysis of the respiratory muscles and suffocation. 

We hope that by taking part in this training the dog as well as the owner will be spared the pain and distress (as well as the expense) caused by the dog becoming a victim of a rattlesnake bite.  

According to Herpetologist, Kent Beaman rattlesnakes living here in So. Ca. can be active all year.  Anytime the weather reaches the high 70's or above for a few days the snakes can become active.

Here in Southern California snake encounters are relatively common. Ventura County Fire Department officials estimate they respond to a few hundred snake calls each year. 

Many areas are rattlesnake habitat, and authorities have found them nearly everywhere, from bushy areas and backyards to garages and inside homes.


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We are contracted by many law enforcement agencies and locally based National Search and Rescue teams.  We are told all the time by clients that we go above and beyond what other companies offer & a few have literally said the difference was like day and night.

I hope we get a chance to impress you as well.